Five online tips for researching the right Massachusetts Pawn Shop for you.

You might want to take your jewelry to a pawn shop for many reasons. It can often be the best option for a short-term loan as it’s a fast way of raising money with minimal paperwork. As a pawnbroker in Massachusetts, our job is to help you get the best loan. While getting the highest loan amount is important, there are many other important factors.

1. Read the reviews for your local pawnbroker

A local Massachusetts pawn shop should have online reviews on Google to give you a sense of how the pawn shop treats its customers. Well-run pawn shops in Massachusetts should have good Google reviews on their Google Business profile.  Reading these reviews offers simple, relevant guidance on how the Massachusetts pawn shop operates: customer service, items accepted, and personal experiences. Ultimately, checking the local pawnbrokers’ reviews will make you more informed when choosing where to pawn your items. Pawn shops that put effort into their online reputation tend to also have well-run pawn shop services in Massachusetts.

2. Checkout the pawn shops website and social media

Most Massachusetts pawnbrokers should have a relevant website illustrating their pawn services and items accepted. Most pawnbrokers generally take a broad category of items such as jewelry, watches, coins, common electronics, tools, and instruments. The mantra is usually “any item of value” in regards to what pawn customers can use as collateral, but some pawn shops in Massachusetts will outline on their website the items they typically lend money on. Pawn shops that invest in an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website often offer the best pawn services in Massachusetts. Getting a pawn loan starts with your first contact with the pawn shops, usually their website. Read through their blog section and evaluate how well the pawn shop keeps its business updated.

3. Find a Pawnbroker With Specialist Appraisers

There are many pawnbrokers in Massachusetts and with the growth of online pawnbroking, it can be hard to know which pawn shop to use. Most importantly, you need to have your luxury item(s) valued by an expert if you want to receive a good loan amount. While many pawn shops will offer a loan against your Rolex or engagement ring, you’ll be able to borrow more from a pawnbroker who is an expert in their field as they will be able to provide you with a more accurate valuation. For example, a Kashmir sapphire is worth thousands more than a Burmese sapphire but look very similar.

4. Bringing the Paperwork or Box Can Increase The Loan Amount

Always bring the item’s paperwork, receipt, or packaging you are trying to pawn. For example, if you have the papers for your Rolex watch in Brockton it will increase the amount of money the pawn can lend to you. Similarly, bringing the packaging or manual for your electronics, tools, instruments, or other items helps the value for the pawnbroker lending you money. Although bringing paperwork is not required, this is one easy tip to increase the loan amount.

5. Know how much money you need

Pawnbrokers in Massachusetts can offer competitive loan amounts, but you should only get a pawn loan for as much as you need. Some pawn shops will offer you more than you need, therefore, you can tell them that you only need a certain loan amount so it’s easier to pay back. Pawnbrokers often lend the most money on items that are easy for them to sell in the case you do not redeem the loan. Here are some items pawn shops in Massachusetts give the highest payout for:

  • Gold jewelry
  • Fine watches
  • Silver or gold coins or bullion
  • Popular Electronics and tools
  • Rare collectibles

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